1. The word ‘Punjab’ has been derived from which language? – Persian

2. The Pakistani Panjab was known as- West Punjab

3. Punjab was called ‘Panchnada’ during the period of- Ramayana and Mahabharata

4. Which name was given to Punjab by the Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang- Tsekai

5. Punjab was divided into how many provinces during the Mughal Empire- Lahore and Multan

6. During the period of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the western boundary of Punjab had extended up to-Khyber Pass

7. Which Viceroy had made Punjab the capital of India- Lord Hardinge

8. How many of the total 29 districts were given to India after Independence- 13 districts

9. Punjab was called ‘Sapta Sindhu’ in which age- Vedic- Age

10. When was Punjab re- organised on the basis of language- November 1, 1966

11. Geographically, Punjab can be divided into how many parts- Three parts

12. The western intruders entered Punjab through which pass- Khyber Pass

13. if in the north of Punjab, there had been no Himalaya, which type of area would Punjab have been- Arid and cold

14. What are the two land areas of Punjab called- Eastern plains and Western plains

15. What does the word ‘Doab’ stand for- The region between two rivers

16. How many ‘Doabs’ has Punjab divided into- Five Doabs

17. What is the name given to the area that lies between Sindh and Jhelum- Doab Sindh Sagar

18. Name the two famous cities that fall in Doab Chaj- Gujrat and Shahpur

19. What is name of Doab that lies between Ravi and Chenab rivers- Doab Rachna

20. Name the rivers that fall between Doab Bari- Beas and Ravi

21. What is the area that falls between the rivers Sutlej and Ghaggar- Malwa

22. Give a name of city that falls in Doab Bist- Jalandhar

23. area is situated in which two rivers- Ghaggar and Yamuna

24. Which is the other name used for Doab Bari- Majhas

25. what are the inhabitants of Malwa region called- Malwai

26. When did Alexander invade India- 326 BC

27. Which area served as a boundary between the empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Britishers- Sutlej

28. How many years did Punjab remain as a part of he Gaznavi empire- 150

29. Who established Sikhism? – Guru Nanak Dev Ji

30. Who was the last incarnate Guru of Sikhism? – Guru Gobind Singh Ji

31. What was the childhood name of Guru Gobind Singh Ji? – Gobind Rai

32. What was the name of Guru Gobind Singh’s maternal uncle? – Mehar Chand

33. From whom did Guru Gobind Singh Ji learn horse riding and the art of using weapons?- Rajput Banjar Singh

34. To whom did Guru Gobind Singh give the title of “Ranghareta Guru ka Beta”?  – Bhai Jivan Singh


35. was the name of the Nagara made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji? – Ranjit Nagaara

36. What does “Paonta” mean? – Place hold for foot

37. Which two Hindu texts were translated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji? – Mahabharata and Ramayana

38. How many poets did Guru Gobind Singh Ji appoint in his Darbar at Paonta Sahib? – 52

39. When was Guru Gobind Singh ji born? – 22nd December, 1666

40. Where was Guru Gobind Singh ji born? –  Patna

41. What were the names of Guru Gobid Singh Ji’s father and mother?-Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and Mata Gujri Ji

42. Where was the ceremony of Guruji’s Dastarbandi held? – Lakhnour

43. From whom did Guru Gobind Singh Ji learnt Persian? – Qazi Pir Mohammad

44. From whom did Guru Gobind Singh Ji learnt Sanskrit? – Pandit Harjas

45. How many Sahibzadas (sons) did Guru Gobind Singh Ji have? – Four

46. What was the first condition for entering in the Khalsa Panth? – By having Amrit (Baptism)

47. What was the famous saying of Guru Gobind Singh ji about Khalsa?-The Guru is in Khasla and Khalsa is in Guru.

48. Which four forts were built by Guru Ji? – Anandgarh, Kesgarh, Lohgarh and Fatehgarh

49. When did Guru Ji create Khalsa? – The Guru ji created ‘the Khalsa’ on the day of Baisakhi in 1699 AD.

50. Name the five Piaras? – Bhai Daya Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, Bhai Mohkam Singh and Bhai Sahib Singh

51. Which period is called Post- Khalsa period? – The period after the creation of the Khalsa is called the ‘Post Khalsa Period’.

52. When did Guru Ji die(pass away)? – Guru Ji died(passed away) on 7 October 1708 AD.

53. To whom did Guru Ji write the letter called Zafarnama? – To Aurangzeb.

54. What was the old name of Sri Muktsar Sahib? – Khidrana.

55. Tell about the compositions of Guru Ji? – Jaap Sahib, Bachittar Natak, Jafarnama, Akal Ustat, Shastar Naam Mala, Chandi Di War.

56. In which battle were the elder sons martyred? – The elder sons of guruji – Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh, were martyred in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib.

57. When was the battle of Bhangani fought? – 1688 AD    

58. Who organised the army for the protection of sikh religion ? – Kirpal Chand

59. Who invited to Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Nahan? – Medni Parkash

60. What is the first name of Banda Bahadur? –  Madho Das Bairagi

61. Who wanted to make India ‘a land of Islam’? – Aurangzeb

62. Who taught the Gurmukhi to Guru Gobind Singh ji? – Bhai Sahib Chand and Bhai Mati Das

63. Who is the successor of Guru Gobind Singh ji? – Guru Granth Sahib


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