• Hans Christian Oersted was the Scientists who studied the Electromagnetism (1820).
  • The unit of Magnetic field strength is Oersted, was on the named of Christian Oersted.

Magnet:- It is device or material that produce magnetic field and attract the metals.

  • It has two pole North Pole and South Pole.
  • Like poles repel each other
  • Unlike poles attract each other.

Magnetic field:-  Magnetic field is a region in which magnetic force are experienced

  • Magnetic field is a quantity that has both direction and Magnitude.
  • Magnetic field produce in a wire is inversely to the distance from it

Magnetic field lines are the imaginary lines that flow from North to South Pole of Magnet (Out side of Magnet) and Flow from South Pole to North Pole inside of the magnet.

  • Magnetic field lines are not cross each other. Ie. If cuts then there will be two directions which is not possible.
  • The direction of Magnetic field lines changes with the change in the current direction.

Magnetic field strength: – It is the degree of closeness of the field lines.

  • Magnetic field strength is greater at poles
  • Magnetic field strength increases with the increase in the current.

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