• India total Area = 328726 Crore Hectare
  • Cultivable land = 18.1850 Crore Hectare (Including Fallow Land)
  • Net Sown area = 140130 Crore hectare (Excluding fallow land)
  • Forest Area = 71794 Crore Hectare
  • India has highest Cultivated land Approximately = 51% ie. Highest then China, USA, Canada etc
  • World has the average Cultivated land is approximately = 10% of total area
  • Agriculture is a Primary sector of Indian Economy.
  • About two-thirds of employment generated from agri. sector.
  • Agriculture sector contribute 16% in the national income.
  • Raw material from agriculture sector is utilized in the Industries.
  • In 2018 the food gains, per capita was                            
  • India ranks 2nd in terms of use of chemical fertilizers after China.
  • Highest production of the Pulses in the world.
  • India ranks 1st for producing good quality Cotton.
  • 1967 Green revolution in the field of Wheat and rice fulfill the domestic demand. Green revolution was especially in the field of Wheat.
  • Cropping pattern increased by use of summer Moong, Soyabean,Sunflower etc.
  • Agricultural sector included not only cops but also Livestock raising, Fishing Orchard farming and Forestry.
  • Father of green revolution in the world =Norman Borlaugh
  • Father of Green revolution in India = M.S. Swaminathan
  • India has a 50% cultivable land, where as world has only 1/10th of the total area is fit for agriculture.

Main Problems of Indian Agriculture :-

  1. Large shear of population (appox.70%) of India dependence on the agriculture. But this large section of population shears only 16% of the gross income of the country.
  2. Population density as per 2011 census is 382 per km2 and currently is 464 per km2 which are decreasing the fertile land under cultivation.
  3. India’s per captia availability of agriculture land has shrunk to 0.129 hectare per farmer. Australia has max per captia availability of agriculture land is 2.14 hectare per farmer. (As per 2011)
  4. Forests and tree groves have been removed for extending the cultivation leads to environmental problem such as soil erosion, flood and drought.
  5. Our population per captia availability of cultivated land is coming down which creates social tension, violence and discontent.
Agriculture landPercentage
< 1 Hectare70%
< 2 Hectare86.2%
Between 2 to 10 Hectare13.2%
>10 Hectare0.4% to 0.6%
  • 6. Small farmer work but their net profit is very less due to expensive chemical fertilizers, pesticides, tubewells & Irrigation equipments, Agriculture equipments.
  • 7. Soil fertility decrease due 1) decline of forests and pastures 2) Illiterate farmers are not familiar with crop rotation scientifically 3) Practicing of intensive agriculture (field with crop whole of the year leads to declining of nutrients %)

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