Indus River System

Indus River

The Ganga River System

Ganga River

Brahmaputra River

Brahamaputra River

Narmada river system

  • Source of river:- Narmada Kund, Amarkantak Hills, Madhya Pradesh
  • Other name :- Rewa, “Life line of Madhya Pradesh”,
  • Tributries :-
    • Northern side :- Hiran, Barna, Choral, Karam and Lohar
    • Southern side :- Sher, Shakkar, Dudhi, Tawa (biggest tributary) and Ganjal
  • Cities on the bank :- Jabalpur, Bharuch etc
  • Dam on the Narmada river :-
    • Sardar sarovar Dam
    • Maheshar Dam
    • Indra Sagar Dam
  • Facts:-
    • Narmadā is a Sanskrit word meaning “the Giver of Pleasure“.
    • Forms the traditional boundary between North India and South India.
    • One of the rivers in India that flows in a rift valley, flowing west between the Satpura and Vindhya ranges.
    • Border between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and border between Maharashtra and Gujarat.
    • Form Dhuandhara waterfall at Jabalpur.
    • The Omkareshwar island, sacred to the Lord Shiva, is the most important river island in Madhya Pradesh.
Narmada River

Tapi River System

  • Source of river :- Satpura Range, Multai, near Betul, Madhya Pradesh
  • Tributries of river :-
    • Right side tributaries :- Vaki, Gomai, Arunavati and Aner 
    • Left side tributaries :-  Nesu, Arunavati, Buray, Panjhra, Bori, Girna, Vaghur, Purna, Mona and Sipna
  • Cities on the Bank of river :-
    • Bhusawal in Maharashtra,
    • Betul, Multai, and Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, and
    • Surat in Gujarat.
  • Dam on the Tapi river :-
    • Hathnur Dam (Maharashtra)
    • Kakrapar Weir (Gujarat)
    • Ukai Dam (Gujarat)
    • Girna Dam (Maharashtra)
    • Dahigam Weir (Maharashtra)
  • Tapi river also known as Tapti is the daughter of Surya (the Sun God).
  • The Purna is one of the principal tributaries of the Tapi, starts in Betul district in Gawilgar hills of the Satpura range 
  • The Girna another Major tributary rises in the Western Ghats and drains Nasik and Jalgaon districts of Maharashtra.
Tapi River

Mahanadi River :-

Mahanadi River

Godavari River

  • Source of Godavari river :-  NashikMaharashtraIndia
  • Tributaries :-
  • Cities on the Bank of River :-
    • Trimbakeshwar :- One of the 12 Jyotirlingas and old place of worship for Lord Shiva.
    • Nashik :- One of the four Sinhastha Kumbh Mela and also a Hindu religious site.
    • Nanded :- Home to Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, one of the five holiest sites in Sikhism.
    • Paithan :- Home to Saint Eknath’s dwelling area, popular Jayakwadi dam, and a picturesque garden called as Sant Dnyneshwar Udyan.
    • Kaleshwaram :- Sri Kaleswara Mukhteswara Swamy Temple is located here
    • Antarvedi :- Home to Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple.
  • Dam on the River Ganga :-
    • Havelock Bridge
Godavari River

Krishna River

  •  Krishna Pushkaram fair which is held once in twelve years on the banks of the Krishna river. 
  • The first holy place on the river Krishna is “Dakshin Kashi Wai“, known for the Mahaganpati Mandir and Kashivishweshwar temple.
Krishna river map
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