First Woman to Win Miss Asia PacificDia Mirza (2000)
First Lok Sabha SpeakerG.V. Mavlankar (1952-53)
First Vice Chairman Rajya SabhaS V. KrishnaMoorthy(1952
First Indian PilotJRD Tata (1929)
First to reach AntarcticaLt Ram Charan (1960)
First Judge to face Impeachment proceedings in Lok SabhaJustice V. Ramaswami (1993)
First NewspaperBengal Gazette (1780)
First Vernacular DailySamachar Darpan (1818)
First Post Office opened atCalcutta (1727)
First Telegraph Line InstalledB/W Diamond Harbour and Calcutta (1727)
First Train Steamed off fromBombay to Thane (1853)
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