First Indian ICS OfficerSatyendra Nath Tagore
First Indian Member of the Viceroy’s Executive CouncilSir S.P. Sinha
First Indian Member of House of Lords (British)Lord S.P. Sinha
First Indian (among women) to Swim Across the English ChannelMiss Aarti Saha (Now Mrs. Aarti Gupta) 1959
First Indian (among men) to Swim Acroos the English Channel (also first in asia to do this)Mirhir Sen, 1958
First Indian women to Swim Across the Strait of Gibraltar Arti Pradhan
First Man to Climb Mount EverestTenzing Norgay (1953)
First Man to Climb Mount Everest Without OxygenPhu Dorjee (1984)
First Man to Climb Mount Everest twiceNawang Gombu
First Muslim Woman to Sit on the Throne of DelhiRazia Sultana
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